Breakdown Lane…..

The past two weeks have been fraught (I like that word) with technology drama. My new android phone is working well, only it has trouble receiving some emails. Of course, the emails I want to receive are the ones not getting through. The ancient (2008) desktop computer in the home office (the only office I have right now) decided to allow one of those malware viruses past the firewall and the security system.

Mike (bless his heart) wanted to save us the computer geek charges and was able to get rid of the pesky bug in only four days. Then the print was so small I could not read anything on the screen. After a conference call to 13 year old Peter, I was able to figure out the screen settings situation and now the screen reads like one of those large type books at the library.

And I still have to take the cpu tower to the computer geek guy because my word processing program has disappeared into the bowels of the hardware.  I have had a pesky little nagging pain behind my eyes just thinking about all of my files snagged up among the electronic whatchamacallits and gizmos inside the metal box.

Since this is taking awhile to resolve, I am working on the laptop. The laptop is not my favorite place to think and dream and write and edit, plus I like my laptop downstairs. My office is upstairs where the good office chair is located. Another problem with downstairs is the printer/fax/copier/scanner is upstairs.

So the past two weeks have been a constant upstairs, downstairs, hook-up, unhook, interspersed with worry over the files I may or may not have lost. Today I made a decision to move on. I will not let my personal technology breakdown lane take over my life. There will not be any more whining over what I cannot fix right this moment. I will get right on that as soon as I go vote…….

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Dashboards, plug-ins and widgets, oh my…….

Several months ago I thought dashboards were attached to steering wheels, a plug-in was inserted into an electrical socket and widgets were made in factories.  I had no idea these items are found everywhere in our world. Without a dashboard I could not manage my blog site or my website.  A plug-in is necessary to increase my software capabilities. Widgets enable me to install easy to use applications on my sites.

Twenty years ago I did not even have a DOS monitor and a CPU on my desk at work. Now we have two flat screen monitors, two towers and a laptop in three different rooms in our home. They all have access to the internet with our own Wi-Fi connector. We have a copy, fax, scanner and printer machine in our home office. In high school I refused to take a typing class because I did not want to be a secretary. Now I word process everything.  

My new G2 handheld Android lets me talk or message my friends and family, manage my bank account, send and receive emails, check Facebook, tweet people I do not even know, keep my calendar, find my way anywhere in the world and a whole lot of other things I have not even learned yet. Two days after I picked it out someone told me it was already obsolete. I told them I was okay with that. Obsolete is really relative. There are a whole lot of people in my world who do not even know what a tweet is, they never check their emails and do not have a Facebook page.

 I have at least ten email addresses for a variety of reasons, two Facebook pages, a blogsite, two websites, and an internet business. I am impatient for my bank to start letting me scan checks to make deposits from my home…. Sometime this spring, so they say.

My great-grandfather had the first radio in his farm community in 1917 and used metal photo developing plates for his photography business. I take pictures with my G2, upload to the PC and print them out and check the news feed on my home screen to see what is happening around the world.  My grandmother kept the books for my grandfather’s plumbing business on ledger sheets. I bought Quicken last year and am thinking of upgrading to QuickBooks in the next week.

Lest you think all of this technology came easily to me, I resisted even a Blackberry for years before caving a little over a year ago. Up until six months ago the last games I played with a monitor and a handheld controller was that gobbling smiley face and Donkey Kong. Regular solitaire and maybe Taipei were about my speed. Now I smash zombies with plants almost daily.

No one is more surprised than me how quickly I have adapted to the new technical world order in the last year. Excuse me; I have to get back to my writing. Soon you will be able to download my eBooks after you visit my PayPal account……….

©2011 Susan Kendall.  All rights reserved