My life has changed again…..

 Mike is recovering from his death brush. I am working full time once again. Alice is here for several weeks. We have a half grown kitten named Jasper giving Jem fits. There is a TV in the living room.  

“Chaos Theory is a scientific theory describing erratic behavior in certain nonlinear dynamical systems”, according to Wikipedia. The concept of a chaos theory has always appealed to me. Especially as applied to life systems and processes. Chaos is how I would describe my June. My insides were jumping around like the inside of a shaken maraca. I would have to retreat to a quiet place in my head to listen for my instincts telling me the next right step to take.

There was a certain order going on around me. I could only grasp outside myself and reach toward the linear process from the Emergency Room, to the Intensive Care Unit, to the Immediate Care Unit, to the Rehabilitation Unit to Mike’s release. Now we are in the building back the muscle mass to improve strength and come back physically and emotionally to where we started. The slow march of the process was my sanity line. Surviving what life throws at us is the game in life,

I love my life and am really good at games ……

©2011 Susan Kendall.  All rights reserved


Welcome Back…….

Mike is 60 years old today. Thirty-six days ago he was admitted to a local hospital with pneumonia and sepsis. The twelve days in intensive care were an excruciating exercise in patience, faith and hope. The eight days of his sedation and intubation because he could not breathe on his own were almost unbearable.

He went in to the hospital on June 1 and came home on July 1. During that very long month.….  Kyra Rose graduated from high school and got her first job…. Alice and Peter celebrated birthdays….  Kahlan made the high school age traveling soccer team… Jacob went to Boy Scout camp on his own… Sam’s parents celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary…. all of our children came and stayed on a staggered schedule for several days each…. my sister Leslie adjusted her life to be there for me…. sister Sally welcomed a new grandson into the world….  sister Penny endured her own hospital stay…. I locked myself out of the van in the library parking lot at 8:30 PM one evening…. neighbors and friends and family mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, paid our bills, showed up and took me to the hospital cafe for coffee, sent encouraging notes,  emails and voice messages, visited Mike in the hospital, sent flowers……..

We are very thankful for everyone in our lives, grateful for each other and excited about new possibilities. Happy Birthday, Mike.

And life goes on……..

©2011 Susan Kendall.  All rights reserved