A very sad day in history……

Being interested in process and change management led to my degrees in public administration. My interest in history led me to lifelong learning of United States history.  My ancestors immigrated to this country as early as the 1650’s. The last emigrant arrived in the 1890’s. I have always had a feeling of pride in the origins of our form of democracy and government “of the people, by the people.”

Today I am sad and discouraged. The President of the United States produced his long form birth certificate. Outwardly, I applaud his generosity of spirit and wonder why he wants to be POTUS. Inside, I am appalled and outraged that a percentage of my countrymen and countrywomen believe a person can even be on the ballot if his or her native born citizenship is even in doubt.  

Having been a Diversity Awareness Instructor/trainer I recognize the reason behind the rhetoric and vitriol. I have watched the overt acts and speech of racism by a large portion of USA citizens with horror.

Will the insanity ever stop…… If I keep quiet, am I a part of the problem…….. How do I “make a change for the better, make a change for good.” as the Elphaba character sings in the musical Wicked………

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